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Cable Protectors

Cable Protectors

Make sure that any trip hazards are secured and that any visible cable are protected accordingly to ensure a safe workplace, we have a variety of both internal and external cable protectors along with cable management products.

  • Pedestrian Cable cover
  • External heavy duty cable protector
  • Hose protector
  • Cable ties
  • Industrial cable protector

By securing loose cables and leads which may look better and tidier, it is also more importantly preventing potential accidents by eliminating trip hazards. By using cable protection within your commercial office or workplace can prevent health and safety issues and injuries to your employees, customers and visitors. The majority of our cable protectors are available on our next day delivery to make sure that any trip hazards you may have can be rectified as soon as possible before any injuries are caused. We also have external cable protectors that are designed for vehicles to drive over without damaging the cables, these are available in either permanent or temporary form.

Our cable protectors are low value items, for products so cheap they can achieve priceless results. You can’t put a price on complying with health and safety and protecting the people who visit your workplace.

Heavey duty external cable protectors     Pedestrian cable protectors     Hose cable protectors

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